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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.2016.DVDRip.torrent

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Detected quality : DVDRip
Genre : Action
Release Date : 15 February 2016
Language : English
Country : USA
Sinopsys :

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.2016.DVDRip.torrent – If we suspected that Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice would end their struggle to confront a common enemy, only solid cement for the future Justice League, it is curious to see their union from the movie, proof if needed that half images destruction are probably drawn from the final battle of the heroes against a villain and not that between the two heroes, and too clear explanation of the title: Snyder explained that he had already chosenBatman v Superman Dawn of Justice instead of Superman for the title is more subtle. It’s actually much euphemise the conflictual relationship assimilating almost literally separating the two names in a sign that would bring together the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice which will evolve in the film. Very clearly understand do we appear in history in this trailer? Lex Luthor manipulates Batman Superman assimilating the Joker (which probably killed his Robin) to achieve the destruction of the god, probably more threatening his interests than those of humanity (the movie do not like the wicked with humanistic motivations). Batman before the failure, he transformed the corpse into Zod monster Doomsday evoking the comics, his massive destruction forcing the hero to ally. The subtle confrontation between two conceptions of the good becomes bad matchup against a brute, certainly less stimulating antagonists for a film of this magnitude, and the multiplication of characters night both the effectiveness of the trailer that may harm her film: first, at least three main villains (Batman / Superman, Luthor, Doomsday); Then, even if we saw plainclothes at the beginning of the trailer, the arrival of Wonder Woman arrives like a hair in the soup, the pace is additionally broken by the exchange between Batman and Superman ( “She’s with you? “” No, I thought she was with you! “), which was apparently held in the middle of the fray. Or humor on the battlefield is a characteristic of the Marvel movies that we hope absent more “realistic” productions and dark DC, where the characters are supposed to take the salvation of the world seriously. This “realism” is also also chipped by the appearance of unnecessary elements “folk” in the movie (which is perhaps not lend much attention in the course of film): a huge piece of kryptonite Lex contemplates that Wonder Woman wears his “lasso of truth” has a indestructible shield and produce shock waves with her bracelets … Much of the hype around the film comes from the human element, the crew and the cast, whose work can largely be forgiven fears about an outrageously disclosed scenario. And the most important name to be associated with this project is of course that of his director. Zack Snyder was in default of Christopher Nolan, the most obvious choice to make Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. We usually consider the comics entered the age of modernity in 1986 with the publication of two extraordinary comics at DC, Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. But Snyder had already adapted Watchmen in 2009 very successful way, despite the reputation of inadaptable graphic novel after realizing in 2007 the film 300, a comics adaptation of Frank Miller …. This renowned advertising is known for her love of extravagant stylization and his confidence in the narrative power of images, which allows it to happen explanatory boxes or voice awkwardly assuming a function of exposure. It is significant that his first film was a remake of Dawn of the Dead Gorge Romero, aptly known for its efficiency, and is remembered as such the first memorable scene from Sucker Punch, completely silent as she launches all the story. Nothing is more natural, therefore, to entrust him Man of Steel, where he knew his mellow style, the aesthetics hints highlighting the supernatural nature of Superman, and to the commercial success of the film, despite critical acclaim half -teinte, to maintain the confidence of the studios. We can count on a very dark color matching, of which we see in the movie Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice she is challenged by a series of images of a dirty yellow, perhaps dreamlike (the same color dominating some Babydoll in delusions of Sucker Punch) and torn by light effects (lightning, heat vision), on dialogue scenes can be performed flatly, contrasting with grandiose battle scenes (the murder of the Comedian early Watchmen, the final battle between Superman and Zod …) that failing a pop playlist will be highlighted by the epic compositions by Hans Zimmer. Always faithful to the post, the best composer of soundtracks of the last ten years recently aired an excerpt of the track “Their War here.” He said he wanted to remain in line with Man of steel, which is natural since Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is the official sequel, while establishing himself as challenge to break completely with his work for the Dark Knight Nolan, who belonged effect to a different continuity. although we recognize here the air “Arcade”, but this extract also suggests the charges of self-caricature that we hear increasingly often towards Zimmer: an air that we know which one adds bass and vocals, epic by the uproar. Let’s face it worked perfectly in Man of steel, that I went a second time a few days after my first disappointment to focus on the music, which made the second surprisingly more enjoyable viewing because the epic was much more obvious once set aside scriptwriting weaknesses. However, it does not work alone, since it has been associated services Junkie XL, a musician who poured into the industrial metal, electronics and progressive house and to whom we owe the soundtrack, among other Divergente, Night Run, Mad Max, Strictly Criminal, Point Break, Deadpool. not necessarily memorable compositions, but quality accompanying music, which might be enhanced by cooperation with Zimmer. Add to this the usual two technicians Snyder, David Brenner, an editor specializing in film for peepers (300: Rise of an Empire, Man of steel, most Roland Emmerich, many Oliver Stone) and the director of the Larry photography Fong, who had worked on 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch. For graphic slap at least, expectations promise not to be disappointed! Because the scenario we have seen, seems surprisingly uneven, as in Man of steel finally, where great ideas were mined by flat dialogues and explanations incoherent. We find David S. Goyer, whose omnipresence in Hollywood does not fail to surprise: indeed, he co-wrote The Dark Knight (it is not far to grant him a pass right to life), but also insufficient Man of steel and the Dark Knight rises, and unmentionable Ghost Rider 2, Jumper, Batman Begins, Blade all … He is accompanied in writing by Chris Terrio, which is hardly known for his work on Argo … and which has already promised the scenarios of the next two films Justice League, if evidence is that the studios liked his work on Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice! Technically, the film Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is tempting, therefore remains to check out the cast, which has a lot of talk, and allows an important note: while we at Marvel uses little-known directors in order to ensure total control of the studios, to the point that Joss Whedon complained of pressure on Avengers 2 and Edgar Wright withdrew from Ant-Man, and that it promotes little-known actors, movies DC, produced by Warner, hit by the opposite point. Certainly, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) became famous playing in Fast and Furious and Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones, and therefore belong to the category of good players seeking fame by big productions, while Laurence Fishburne Amy Adams, Diane Lane, belong to the usual procession of second prestigious roles … But the presence of Ben Affleck does not match any of these cases, however, the initiation of an Oscar for his serious personality achievements willing to devote considerable time to the role of Batman is surprising and amazing … when we learn that it is proposed to make the next movie about Batman, expected before 2020! He brings to this role since an interesting maturity continues the work of Christian Bale while contrasting with the youth of Henry Cavill, Superman excellent performer elsewhere. It regretted that the excellent Matthew Goode (Ozymandias in Watchmen, the uncle in Stoker, Hugh Alexander in The Imitation Game) was flunked for the role, after the little interest shown by Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin, but we must admit an elderly nocturnal vigilante against an inexperienced vigilante daytime is certainly not the least interesting dialectic proposed by the role and the confrontation of these two characters! The trailers however accentuate natural hyper-expressivity to play Ben Affleck, which will hopefully shock least in the film Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice. Two other surprises are constituted by the choice of Jesse Eisenberg and Jeremy Irons. The first revealed in The Social Network, is a talented actor who seeks to make his mark in the most independent productions (The Double, Night Moves, Louder than Bombs), which does not seem to correspond with the histrionics in Lex Luthor that shows the movie. However, it seems perfect in its double function of comic relief to the innuendo and supported puppeteer psychopath, and adds much to the charm trailers. Irons, meanwhile, may have also a secondary role than would hear the little time devoted to it in these images, but also a renowned actor and having a strong presence also succeeds Michael Caine manifest a will exciting not to neglect the character Alfred Pennyworth despite the age of the new Bruce Wayne. The paris to determine who will steal the limelight from the other in the dialogues between the two actors are open!
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Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.2016.DVDRip.torrent


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